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Advantages of ultrasonic wind speed wind direction instrument in wind power industry

Mechanical anemorumbometer, the wind speed and wind direction meter is a separate two instruments, simple structure, and the price is relatively affordable, but it’s easy to be affected by wind sand, as well as the bad weather, requires periodic maintenance, although to do so, some key components still will be loss failure during operation.

As a substitute for the traditional wind speed wind direction instrument, the ultrasonic wind speed wind direction instrument has a great market in the civil and military fields. Set the wind speed wind direction instrument and ultrasonic transducer in one device, with compact size, easy to heat for integrated heater.

Ultrasonic technology, with high precision measurement, long life advantages, can be applied to low temperature, humidity, sand and other harsh climate environment, and has a lightning protection and high reliability. Ultrasonic wind speed wind direction instrument to overcome the mechanical wind speed wind instrument inherent defects, which can all-weather, long-term normal work, more and more widely used. It will replace the mechanical anemometer on many occasions.

The mechanical anemorumbometer depends on the rotation of the bearing to complete the measurement, so its precision and life basically count on the bearing. There is a certain lag, because it requires a certain amount of wind to start. In the case of severe dust, as well as corrosive coastal areas, due to foreign body and corrosion give risk to bearing stuck, its service life will not exceed 1 year and a half. Even the environment is relatively good occasions, after a certain period of time, the damping of the bearing will be changed, its measurement error become bigger and bigger with the passage of time. Generally its service life of 3 years or so, even if you can continue to use, but the measurement data there is a big error, it is recommended to replace it out.

Because the data error is too large not only power generation efficiency is low, more serious will affect other equipment’s life, for example: the wind speed error, it’s may appear that the fan should start when it does not start, and need to stop when meet a big wind, it does not stop, the impact of the former is only a matter of power generation efficiency and the latter may cause a production accident; the wind direction error may cause frequent fan yaw and not on the wind ,will increase the yaw system failure and reduce the life of the blade, and in the wind when the wind is not allowed to directly cause damage to the blade.

Ultrasonic wind speed wind direction instrument rely on ultrasonic sensors to measure, so its accuracy and life depends on the basic ultrasonic sensor. Ultrasonic wind speed wind direction instrument in each sensor surface is wrapped with a layer of rubber skin, the whole sensor installed in the aluminum seat, the seat and the sensor bracket is the use of laser seamless welding. This prevents the sensor from being exposed directly, reducing the interference of sand and dust on it and enhancing its ability to resist sand, corrosion and rain. Ultrasonic wind speed sensor to collect the signal through the CPU to identify, after processing output, more realistic and reliable reflection of the wind speed, wind direction and ambient temperature. General ultrasonic wind speed wind instrument life of not less than 5 years.