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Weather measurements in agricultural application with THETA

Agricultural weather station integrates air temperature sensor,air humidity sensor,soil moisture sensor,foliar humidity sensor,light intensity sensor and other equipment,can be used to monitor the following meteorological parameters which significant impact on agricultural production: rainfall,relative Humidity,temperature, light intensity,and leaf surface moisture and soil moisture.

Meteorological stations using solar independent power supply,with power off data protection,support 220V AC power supply,the use of GPRS wireless remote,through the wireless public network for real-time data transmission.

Based on the Internet of things technology, to set up a sensor network throughout whole country for data monitoring,data collection, data reporting,the sensor signal is wirelessly transmitted, and upload to the server,cloud storage handles historical data,to facilitate scientific research and agricultural production personnel to obtain real-time data,simultaneously be able to query the historical data at any time,to make the appropriate prevention and remediation measures to ensure that crops have a good,suitable for the growth environment.